Real Estate administrators and secretaries across North America receive holiday thank youSecretarial Bonuses Paid Out

Here’s what a few of our Administrators have to say:

When I first started with EXIT (which will be 4 years ago this spring) I was told about the bonus during training and thought what a nice idea that was. I had previously worked for two other real estate companies (big names I might add) and they never offered anything of the sort. It is a very nice and appreciated gesture especially at this time of year. Last year I finished up some Christmas shopping [with my bonus] and put away some for a rainy day – as I recall I even splurged on something for myself! 
Pat Garno, EXIT Northern Shores Realty, Elk Rapids MI

This is the first time I have received this bonus as I have only been with the EXIT Team for one year.  I think it is a wonderful way for a very large corporation to show appreciation for very hard working individuals who sometimes go very much unnoticed.  I wish I could say I am saving it but it will probably be Christmas shopping money.  Big thank you to EXIT Corporate!
Sue Jamieson, EXIT Realty Advantage, Fredericton NB

Everyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I love working for EXIT. Unfortunately, in most offices, Administration personnel tend to be “forgotten” until things go wrong. At EXIT, not only are they appreciated, they are rewarded. I like to give back at Christmas and my bonus makes that possible. While I’m not sure where my bonus will go this year, I do know someone else’s Christmas will be better because of it! And so, EXIT & Steve Morris have my deepest gratitude!
Holly Kazimer, EXIT Realty Town & Country, Greenwood NS


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