EXIT Realty hits another residual milestone

Steve Morris, Founder & CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International announced yesterday that the company has reached another milestone, having now paid out over $225 Million in single-level residuals.

Founded in Canada in 1996, EXIT Realty is reinventing the real estate industry.  Where agents used to be only as good as their last transaction, now they have a new income stream to bridge the gap between closings.  Their retirement is secure and their families cared for.  All this through a revolutionary business model called the EXIT Formula.

The EXIT Formula brings single-level residuals to the real estate industry.  When a salesperson is introduced to management and recruited into EXIT, each transaction that they close generates a bonus equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by the recruit, payable to the individual who sponsored them into the company. The bonus is paid via EXIT’s head office, and not subtracted from the new recruit’s commissions, and it continues perpetually for as long as the new recruit stays with EXIT and generates sales. This converts to a 7% retirement bonus and a 5% beneficiary benefit.   This residual income is changing the lives of real estate agents across the continent.  Read just a few of the stories:

Residual Effect: Mark Galante says "EXIT Realty offers agents unlimited potential"

Residual Effect: Robin Tyson says "A residual check for almost $5,000 was staring me in the face!" 

Residual Effect: Mary Fitzgerald says, "I went down for six weeks after having emergency back surgery"

Residual Effect: John Tiller says "I can’t heal my son, but EXIT has helped me provide the therapy that can help him" 

Residual Effect: Jane Renger says "Knowing her husband would continue to receive the benefits of her labor helped her to find some peace"

Take 10 with EXIT Realty’s Formula of Single-Level Residuals then find out how you can get a piece of the action!


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