An open letter to EXIT Realty Associates from Janice Petteway, President, South East U.S. Division, EXIT Realty Corp. International

As I travel around to visit many of you and as I follow your lives on Facebook, I continue to be so proud  of all of you who make helping others a part of your life. I see all of the good you do for your communities, friends, families, and causes dear to your hearts.

So, I have a serious question for each of you. Will you please make a commitment to help one additional person this year?  Help one more person to feel more confident in his or her abilities. Help them get all the knowledge they need to soar in their career. Set them in the right direct with all the technology tools available to help them earn a better living. Teach them the power of networking and relationships in business. Maybe, you can help a single parent feel safe financially for the first time in their life! Each of us could change the course of someone’s personal life and career.

What I am talking about is inviting someone who needs and deserves all that our EXIT Realty family has to offer to come join us. Think of what your actions could create! Look at it this way:

  • If that agent had 200 people to add to drip campaigns in EXIT Promo Shop do you think that might increase their sales?
  • If they had an easy, inexpensive way to produce flyers, postcards, and video tours could that give them more leads and a better chance of getting listings?
  • If the technology behind their yard signs captured all interested parties who texted for more information do you think they could generate more income?
  • Could they get more leads if they sent out a new, very professional Mobile Business Card™ to their whole database? Plus, how much more leads could they generate just by never being without a business card?

You have the ability to help another person add income to their household as well as grow in knowledge. Who needs us who you have not helped?

Think about the fact that once they join us they will then be able to help others and become even more financially secure. Isn’t this what we at EXIT Realty are all about? Of course, it is!

I see the good you’re already doing to help others.  So, by the end of today, decide who needs your help in this way,  go have a cup of coffee and get them excited about the possibilities.


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