Closing gifts are a congenial way to conclude a real estate transaction. To help you narrow down what may and may not be an appropriate gift, you should consider a few things before you go in search of the perfect item.

  • How much are you looking to spend? You want to show your client you care and appreciate their business without breaking the bank. Starting off with a specific budget will help narrow down your choices.
  • What type of relationship do you have with your clients? Is this your first time doing business with them? Do you have a casual or strictly professional relationship? Is this someone you already knew, like a family member or friend? According to a recent survey of EXIT Realty Associates, almost 40% indicated that how well they knew their clients and their relationship throughout the transaction were key factors in choosing the right closing gift, whereas only 16% indicated that budget and the selling price of the property were the main considerations.
  • What are you hoping to accomplish with this gift? Is it to say, “Thank you for doing business with me,” or is it a bit more? Giving a branded gift with the hope of staying top-of-mind with your client when it comes to referrals is fine, but watch that your branding doesn’t overshadow your gift.

If you’re still wondering what to buy after answering these questions, here are a few great ideas:

  • Subscription Boxes – These can appeal to any number of interests: tea drinkers, book lovers, or even pets! If you heard your client mentioning the importance of a backyard for their dog or their need for built-in bookshelves for their collection, this may be the way to go.
  • Gift Cards – Pay attention when your client mentions his or her favorite restaurant or movie theatre. Gift cards for these or a local home décor or hardware store are often appreciated.
  • Something Personal – You could opt for a personalized household item like a set of wine glasses engraved with their last name, a cutting board with your client’s name on one side and your contact info on the reverse, or a personalized house number plaque.
  • Local Flavor – Give a map of the city as a piece of art they can hang in their new home, a basket containing coffee from a local shop, or gift certificates to a nearby art gallery or for an experience they can enjoy in their new community (horseback riding, sailing, snowboarding, etc.).
  • A Service for a Service – Give a certificate for a consultation with an interior designer for their new blank space, a local landscaper, or housekeeping service.
  • Something Homemade – If you are crafty or you’re always receiving compliments on your baked goods, why not share those things with your clients?

Choosing the right closing gift doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’ve worked with your clients in helping them buy or sell their home, you probably know more about them than you think. Your gift doesn’t have to cost a great deal or take a lot of work. As long as it means something to you and you believe it will bring them happiness and show your appreciation for their business, you are well on your way.


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