EXIT Realty is Real Estate Re-Invented!

EXIT Realty Has Paid Out Over $235 Million in Single Level Residuals!EXIT Realty Corp. International, the company that is revolutionizing the real estate industry, continues to break ground announcing that it has paid more than $235 Million in single level residuals.

Real estate agents from across the continent have reaped the rewards of this third income stream. Not restricted simply by their own efforts of listing and selling property, EXIT Realty associates are earning sponsoring bonuses for leveraging the efforts of others by helping to grow the organization.

Agents can earn a 10% sponsoring bonus, a 7% retirement bonus and a 5% beneficiary benefit in addition to their commission. This comprehensive and limitless compensation package is the only one of its kind in the industry. Watch EXIT Realty’s Take 10 video to find out more.


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