Some of the real estate industry’s finest leadership was honored at EXIT Realty Corp. International’s annual Convention held recently at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC.

Spotlight Award – Jeff Cannegieter, Manager, Web Development

“Jeff’s dedication and natural ability to decipher the most complicated tasks and lead our team in a progressive and symbiotic direction has proven invaluable to the development of EXIT’s technology,” said Steve Morris, Founder & Chairman, EXIT Realty Corp. International.  “He is always ready to take on a challenge and never disappoints.  We are tremendously proud to have him on our team and present him with this esteemed award.”

Award of Expertise – John Lim, Director of Innovation and Technology

“John’s inventiveness and creativity in the digital marketing space is of enormous value to everyone at EXIT Realty,” said Morris.  “His ability to see things as they should be rather than as they are, and thereby create elegant and useful technology for the human behind the device, accelerates EXIT’s presence in the marketplace.”

Positive Mental Attitude – Michael McCarron, Supervisor of Growth and Development, Canada

“Mike’s exuberance and personal optimism are evident in everything he does,” said Morris.  “His ever-present positive mental attitude and passion for the success of EXIT’s people and the corporation itself are infectious. For inspiring everyone at EXIT with his zeal and enthusiasm, we are proud to present him with this award.”

ICON Award – Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership

“Widely respected and honored for his unique abilities to get the most and the best out of others and inspire them to lead, Bob’s valuable contribution to the growth and success of EXIT Realty cannot be understated,” said Morris.  “He freely shares his gifts of originality and creativity in developing programs which illuminate the path to goal achievement for others.  We salute Bob and thank him for his wisdom.”

Award of Excellence – John Packes, Chief Technology Officer

“John’s brilliantly creative mind has forged a path for EXIT’s technological advancements beyond all expectations,” said Morris.  “He is steadfast, knowledgeable and a true team player.”

Trusted Advisor – Janice Petteway, Director of Brokerage Development

“Janice exemplifies wisdom, warmth and the expert ability to provide direction and strategic insight in all she does,” said Morris.  “For her commitment and dedication she is deserving of this designation.”

Outstanding Service Award – Kinley Shell, VP Web Development

“Kinley’s positive attitude, vision and character illustrates the perfect combination required for EXIT’s technological development,” said Morris.  “His dedication to the job at hand makes him a very deserving recipient of this award.”

Leader’s Leader – Craig Witt, President, U.S. Division

“Craig’s inspiring ability to command an audience while still being able to get up close and personal is a true testament of his leadership skills,” said Morris.  “While professional and no nonsense, he is still able to relate on a human level and this is paramount to his position.”



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