EXIT Realty Corp. International is pleased to announce that Concord Commission Advance has become its newest Premier Partner.

Concord has taken a modern approach to commission advances with their intuitive website, simple online application form, and direct deposits. They offer the lowest pricing guaranteed and same-day transaction processing, so that you can get paid when the purchase contract is signed.

Commission payments can often create peaks and valleys in your cash flow due to their sporadic timing. With a commission advance service, you can help to smooth this out to make your cash flow more consistent. As a result, you’ll be able to project your income with more certainty and receive funds on your schedule.

These advances can be put towards marketing and advertising efforts for other projects, reducing debts, and growing your business without having to wait until your sales close. There are no hidden fees, no hold backs, no wire fees, and no minimum or maximum advances.

Why should you work with Concord Commission Advance?

  • Lowest pricing guaranteed
  • Same-day transaction processing
  • Best transaction terms
  • Unmatched customer service

EXIT Realty Associates in the US can visit the Intelligent Marketplace on the Resource Center to find out more about Concord Commission Advance and the services they offer.



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