EXIT Realty Corp. International is excited to welcome Landvoice as our newest Premier Partner and into our Intelligent Marketplace.  Landvoice is the one-stop source for all of an agent’s prospecting needs, offering industry leading data for local seller leads.   As part of their participation in EXIT’s Premier Partner Program, Landvoice has put together an exclusive lead package at a great price for EXIT’s U.S. Broker’s and Associates.

Agents are struggling with low inventory. Old expireds are your solution to low inventory. Landvoice uses patent-pending filtering technology to provide exclusive old expired leads. Landvoice saves time by eliminating foreclosures, solds, actives, and other unnecessary data. Landvoice finds homeowners who gave up on the market in the last five years. Ditch the competition by gaining exclusive access to homeowners other agents don’t know about!

All expired listings for any zip code and year combination include:

  • 1 year of exclusive access for each year/zip combo
  • 90-95% of phone numbers, including cell phones
  • Absentee owner look-up
  • Includes withdrawn and cancelled listings
  • Leads scrubbed against National DNC Registry

Join Landvoice on Thursday April 6th at 1PM EST for a live webinar and discover how some agents are increasing the available inventory by utilizing exclusive leads.  To register now, click here.

EXIT Realty Associates can find out more about Landvoice in the Marketplace on the Resource Center.



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