EXIT Realty Corp. International is excited to welcome Spacio as our newest Premier Partner and into our Intelligent Marketplace on the Resource Center.   Spacio helps agents automate lead capture and follow up, turning open houses into prospect creation opportunities. Not only that, Spacio helps agents prioritize their time and efforts towards the most likely customers by identifying top prospects through social profiling and lead scoring.

  • Ensure your agents have a pool of leads they can follow up after every open house to close more deals.
  • Put a best-of-class system in place to help your agents sell more real estate and drive retention and recruiting.
  • Brokerage-wide reporting to help you get visibility on your business to make more effective sales, marketing, and training decisions.

Want to know what your open house ROI COULD BE for every 25 agents? Visit http://spac.io/partners/exit/roi/ to find out!

EXIT Realty is holding a special “5th Wednesday” webinar for Broker/Owners on Wednesday, May 31st at noon ET.  Registration information is on the Calendar on the Resource Center.



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