The Inman Connect Conference moved to Las Vegas for the first time this summer, and EXIT Realty’s Tami Bonnell, CEO, Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership, Susan Harrison, Senior Vice President, Annette Anthony, Vice President, Technology Engagement, and Seth Kaplan, Manager, Partner Program were on hand to learn and network.

Here are some of their impressions:

“Inman Connect, Las Vegas was a powerful affirmation that change creates opportunity,” said McKinnon. “I have, in forty-seven years, lived through several recessions and unending change within the real estate industry, and I have to admit that I thought some were the end of the world. Never have I seen what we saw in Las Vegas. I am so excited about these next two years. We are seeing some high stakes plays in the industry, but not all can be winners. The bottom line for me was, the consumer is the winner. Every major innovation – iBuyer programs, top producers separating even farther from the pack, home affordability and streamlining the closing process – are all great news for the consumer. So, the question is: Who will play the best game?  I’m putting my chips on experienced, valuable real estate professionals.”

“My biggest takeaway from Inman Connect was this: Good service is a given; an exceptional consumer experience is the thing that will separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to success in real estate,” said Harrison. “We, as an industry, are so focused on ourselves and as a result, have done very little to improve the real estate transaction experience for the consumer. In my opinion, this leaves the door open for enterprising outsiders to swoop in and move our cheese. We are the experts, the leaders, and we need to be the solution for the end consumer. With what I saw at Inman, I’m convinced that EXIT Realty professionals are primed to thrive in any market condition or shift in the way we do business and to be the solution the consumer expects and deserves.”

“Five of your leaders attended Inman Connect. Starting every day at 8:30am, attending networking lunches, leading three live commentary sessions, attending networking evening sessions, we represented you, our EXIT Associates,” said Anthony. “If you’re looking for a really good puddle of REALTORS® to jump into, Inman Connect is a great one. We met some great leaders and some people who were misinformed about our model. We set them straight, and they are impressed by what we’re doing. We also met people who were simply in awe of our leadership and others who had done transactions with our agents. I’m personally looking forward to getting to know the people we met so that I can sponsor them into EXIT. And you know what? You can do the same!”

Inman Connect is held twice a year.  Find out more about Inman Connect New York, January 27th-31st, 2019, here.


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