Pamela Norman, EXIT Realty on the Rock talks about success with EXIT Realty’s online real estate technology

Pamela Norman, EXIT Realty on the RockPamela Norman, EXIT Realty’s Canadian Rookie of the Year, attended the 2010 EXIT Realty Canadian sales rally in February and discovered EXIT e-Listings through a brilliant presentation by technology specialist, Jeff Lobb.  She recently commented:

“Wow! I can’t wait to get home and try this!”  was all I could think as Jeff did his presentation on e-Listings!!  I felt so motivated that I told my sales manager my new goal would be to take 100 listings this year!  It’s June!  I’ve done it already!  What’s more surprising is that my sales have more than doubled.  I get so many people watching my V-tours that I’m the Number One person they call to buy homes with as well as list. When you think you can’t take your real estate business further, try e-Listings, you’ll be amazed to see where else you can go!

“This is what EXIT Realty champions are doing to increase their success,” said Joyce Paron, President of the Canadian Organization of EXIT Realty Corp. International.  “Here is the evidence.”

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