EXIT Realty Corp. International sends bonuses in time for the holidays

There is no doubt that this has been a tough year for the real estate industry.  Many offices have closed; many companies have cut back on conventions and training programs.  One Franchisor, however, continues to prosper and is paying thousands of dollars in bonuses as a special thank you to the people most often underappreciated in a real estate office – the secretarial staff.

Since the year 2000 EXIT Realty Corp. International has paid out Secretarial Bonuses throughout North America totaling over $1.5 Million.  Steve Morris, Founder and CEO, believed so strongly in the importance of the contribution of the support staff across the EXIT system, he built the payment of bonuses right into the renowned EXIT Formula.  A portion of every transaction fee received by EXIT International is set aside and paid at the end of the year to the offices’ administration staff.   “It was Mr. Morris’ attitude towards EXIT’s administrative staff that was a key reason in my leaving the brokerage where I worked as an Administrator for 11 years to join EXIT International 8 years ago,” commented Susan Harrison, EXIT’s Sr VP Web Development.

Here are comments from just a few bonus recipients from across North America:
Lindsay Maillet, EXIT Realty Metro, Bedford NS Lindsay Maillet, EXIT Realty Metro, Bedford NS
I was fortunate enough to attend the first administrator training in Ontario in 2007.  It was here that I gained knowledge of the EXIT Corporation and began realizing just how important my role as administrator really was to the success of the company.  Steve Morris really drilled it to us that week that we were the glue, so to speak, and without us the machine can fail.  Coming off the excitement of a company that actually acknowledges its support staff was amazing.

The Secretarial Bonus is not something that is on my mind on a daily basis… and for the most part, it never crosses my mind (until the week I know it’s due to arrive). It definitely allows for some peace of mind to know that I will have something extra to bank at the end of the year.  Whether it is to buy myself something I normally wouldn’t spring for, a extra gift for my spouse, or a little something for someone in need; it is great feeling to know it is there for whatever I may need.  It’s also a little incentive to put that extra little bit into the new year to make the next year better for everyone…a little goes a long way in this business.

Janice Clements, EXIT Realty Specialists, Saint John NB
I have been working with EXIT for two years and it has been a wonderful experience.  Having worked in the industry with other brokerages for 10 years [I always heard] "if the brokerage had the funds" or "if they had a good year"; always some excuse – some good people got nothing.  Steve is such a role model to all the Franchisees and this recognition makes Administrators feel great and appreciated. EXIT Realty Specialists’ agents are "special people" and hard workers and have made [it possible] for us have this great bonus.

Noreen Ballard EXIT Realty Specialists, Saint John NB
I have been with EXIT Realty Specialists since its doors opened in July of 2006.  [The Secretarial Bonus] not only helps financially this time of year but it is nice to be remembered by EXIT International. It is so unusual for a company to do this. I feel here in this office the agents show their appreciation everyday whether it be a coffee, a friendly greeting, or a lunch, but a bonus from head office says WOW!

Nadine Lapointe, EXIT Realty Citadel, Halifax NS
I sure do appreciate this recognition. In so many workplaces top salespersons are recognized for their hard work throughout the year, but the reality is that if they did not have any support staff for help, maybe they would not be at the top. I know I have been successful when “my agents” are successful. Getting this bonus just makes it even better! The higher it is, the better I did! It has been a privileged to have been chosen among other applicants to become the Administrator of EXIT Realty Citadel. Instantly I felt part of the family, not only in the office but also with my interactions with Head Office. As an administrator of EXIT, you are always invited to any functions for the Agents, because after all we are one big team.”

Patricia Quiiano, EXIT Realty Charleston Group, Charleston, SC Patricia Quiiano, EXIT Realty Charleston Group, Charleston SC
[The Secretarial Bonus] was a wonderful surprise!  I was able to do all my Christmas shopping with my bonus and still have money left over.  The bonus made me feel that I was a valuable asset to the company and that I truly had a part in helping to make the company a success, and was no longer "hired help."  You always hear how corporations forget about the little people. This bonus says to me that all that I do for my agents, my office and my company is important and has been noticed. I am an integral part of this company and hope to continue to be so for many years to come!

Rachel Manning, EXIT Realty of the Valley’s three locations; Huntsville, Madison and Decatur AL
I am very grateful to Steve Morris for recognizing and rewarding office staff.  Oftentimes, administrative employees are overlooked and underappreciated by their companies, but that is not so with EXIT.  [The Secretarial Bonus] reminds me how hard I’ve worked, how great my Franchisees and REALTORS® are and how that bonus check will come in just before Christmas and my annual vacation. 

Any company is nothing without a solid foundation and I am proud to be part of EXIT’s foundation.  If my REALTORS® are not successful, then I have not been successful.  This check is a great inspiration to work even harder the next year and is an excellent tool when seeking talented administrative staff. 

Kerri Barwell, EXIT Grand Strand Properties, Myrtle Beach, SC Kerri Barwell, EXIT Grand Strand Properties, Myrtle Beach SC
[The Secretarial Bonus] really does mean a lot, especially when you work so hard throughout the year, to receive that at the end feels very rewarding and just makes you feel good overall.
[I have been able to] travel to Canada for EXIT’s Administrator/Broker Training and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had.  The training was unbelievable!  And the energy, passion and dedication I saw in the EXIT International staff was just amazing to me!


Maria Panzino, EXIT Uptown Realty, Vineland, NJ Maria Panzino, EXIT Uptown Realty, Vineland, NJ
When I was notified that this bonus was offered, I was excited to know that there were individuals like Mr. Morris that thought so deeply about his extended staff.  Mr. Morris’ gratitude and professionalism shines through with his gestures which makes him an outstanding individual.  It has been a pleasure to be part of the big picture “EXIT” and to have had the opportunity to work with a person of Mr. Morris’ caliber.

For more information on joining EXIT Realty as a sales representative or for real estate franchise opportunites across North America, please contact us.


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