A commentary by Jolene Tatum, Broker of Record, EXIT Realty Missoula, Missoula MT

Most of you know that EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Founder and Chairman, Steve Morris, hit the target when he invented the EXIT Formula.  The bullseye of that target is residual income. Let me give you a prime example of what sponsoring at EXIT Realty can do for you – yes, you!

When I joined EXIT Realty in 2011 there was so much to do to get organized, and then I was busy closing deals to make some money in a down market. I spent little time or focus on sponsoring, even though I knew it was a great opportunity that I had gained by joining EXIT.  As the years progressed, I sponsored a few people into the company.

During my 23 years as a real estate professional, I was also a caregiver to my husband, Donnie Tatum, who suffered a spinal cord injury. In June of 2017, Donnie became extremely ill and was admitted to intensive care.  We were there for 13 days, and then my husband passed away.

During the six weeks I spent caring for Donnie, subsequently planning his funeral service and connecting with our family, EXIT Realty Corp. International deposited over $6,000 onto my EXIT Success Card based on the production of two and a half of the people I sponsored!! Let that sink in for a moment.  During the toughest time in my life, other people sold homes and money went into my account!  More than $1,000 per week for me to live on while I was unable to work! Let me tell you, the money came in handy.

EXIT Realty has five great pillars for success, and I am here to tell you that the financial aspect is just one of those amazing pillars. Residual are rewards for introducing people to something you are passionate about — and you get paid for it!

If sponsoring has never been on your radar, it should be! It’s simply people helping people.

It humbles me to tears to work for a company that cares for its agents. I received over $6,000 at a time when I truly needed it for simply taking advantage of the EXIT Formula.  Thank you, Steve Morris, EXIT Realty Corp. International and the people I sponsored for blessing me beyond measure!



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