Shane RossiThe future of real estate is looking bright with a new generation of extremely savvy EXIT real estate professionals who not only “get it” but who are also earning it. We had the opportunity to connect with one of these up and coming millennials to find out what makes him tick.

Shane Rossi, Sales Representative
EXIT Realty Search, NY
Years in Real Estate: 7.5
Age: 29

Why Real Estate?

I worked for a real progressive BMX company handling all the sales and basically building the company from scratch.  I realized I had hit a ceiling with selling bike parts and decided to get into the housing market. I started in 2008 pretty much at ground zero of the mortgage meltdown, and I thank God everyday for that.


My first experience with EXIT was actually meeting one of their trainers in the line to take my state test in Manhattan. I said, “thanks but no thanks, I’m going somewhere else” as I was very wet behind the ears back then.  I went on to crash and burn for nine months until I met my current Broker, Benny Diasparra. I was about a week away from begging for my old job back but he immediately put me into the right direction with some EXIT trainers coming to the NY region and pretty much schooled me to the game.  Two months later I was on a plane to EXIT’s annual Convention and after that, I was EXITized for good.

Secret to Success?

I’m lucky to have a few things on my side. I come from a sales background, which I rarely find in real estate agents, and I started literally in a depressed bleak market. Agents were leaving the business and I dove in headfirst. I took full advantage of the culture EXIT has created and affirmed every day. Affirmations have helped me get through some dark times in the business. I listened to my broker and took his advice. I went to see every trainer who came to town, and built my business on the fundamentals of EXIT’s training.


A quote I live by is, “Nobody cares” from the movie A Bronx Tale. I know it seems pessimistic but this is what separates me from the rest, and keeps me motivated to care about my clients and business partners. I come from a very tough city and this is the mentality people have. I just tell myself If I just care about the people around me my whole world will change.

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