A commentary by Michigan Regional President, Craig Witt

A commentary by Craig Witt, Michigan Regional President, EXIT Realty Corp. International

There is definite change occurring in Real Estate brokerage including mergers, acquisitions, sellouts, roll-ins, conversions and plenty of closings of Real Estate offices. My job is to have my thumb on the pulse of these changes; any hint of someone making a move initiates a call from me to see if they have what it takes to be part of EXIT Realty. You see, I sell franchises, but I am not a franchise salesperson. I treat my career as a relationship building experience; selecting those franchise prospects that will take a leap of faith and invest in EXIT, so I can invest in supporting them in our system. And, I always ask myself this question, “Why would someone join EXIT Realty”? The answer is simple to me and after reading this, it will be simple to you. We have lasted through this turbulent time in our industry because of the strong foundation our CEO and Founder, Steve Morris, built back in 1996 when EXIT Realty was formed. I am convinced we will become the most productively successful Real Estate Company on Earth.

I am going to share ten (10) differences between EXIT Realty and the other choices. But, before you read them, consider this: you can travel the Dixie Highway from Michigan to Florida in a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Lexus or Cadillac. Some are more comfortable, some more efficient, but all good choices for getting you down the road. Then, you have the choice of a Helicopter to achieve the same result. Which makes better sense to you? EXIT Realty is your helicopter. Carefully consider what I am about to share with you and see if they hold the same value to you as they do for us.

Top 10 differences between EXIT Realty and the others

1. Our Unique Operating System (The EXIT Formula). It is simple and it works. It provides additional income streams to agents and their families including retirement and death benefits. Over $175 Million has been paid out to date and it is not contingent on the profitability of the company. It welds agents into a brokerage and allows them to build a business within a business through the power of vesting the agent with the broker. True mentorship.

2. No Service Fees (%). EXIT Realty does charge a minimal Transaction Fee, but it is off the agents portion of the commission, not a 5-10% fee off the top like others. Simply put, you net more at EXIT Realty.

3. Protected Territories. We sell protected territories to allow you the elbow room to grow when you feel it is appropriate, and to have an asset, something of value with your Franchise Agreement.

4. International Single-Call Franchise Support System. Not only do we offer full-time direct Franchise Support staff available to our Franchisees, we also provide full-time agent support services lines as well. We are here for you, live, when you need it.

5. MEMO and EXITtrac. Proprietary software systems to not only operate your franchise, but to track and maintain the agents sponsored into the company so you can see past, current and pending activity. Our software systems are among the best in the industry and available to make it easier for you to run your office.

6. Trend Setters. EXIT Realty recognizes that a high percentage of leadership in corporations are shifting to women. Our U.S. and Canadian Presidents are both highly skilled and experienced women that have both been identified as outstanding women in leadership.

7. Green Initiative. EXIT Realty recently introduced our company-wide “Teal is the New Green” initiative in support of the green movement across the country. In November, we were the cover story in RisMedia’s Real Estate Magazine announcing this trend setting move to stay ahead of the curve.

8. Available CEO/Founder and Leadership. When is the last time you spoke to your CEO or upper-level management? How available are they when you need them? EXIT Realty is committed to service and support, as well as being available to our people who have made the investment in our company. We are here for you.

9. Technology Tools. Everyone has technology and tools, but, do they have the right technology and tools? Do they have a technology specialist available to answer your questions at your fingertips? We do. We know how important technology is today to compete and we have some innovative and exclusive tools just for our people.

10. Mindset Training. EXIT Realty believes that good agents are born, great agents are trained. While other companies are cutting back, EXIT is forging ahead, keeping the focus on training agents to better service the clients and be more productive for our franchisees. It simply makes good sense.

Based on the feedback I receive while interviewing franchise prospects, I would say we have 10 reasons why you should consider EXIT Realty. These are important, relevant, and imperative to staying competitive today in Real Estate. As a broker, you deserve the best system and support available and owe it to yourself to look further into EXIT Realty to see if it makes sense to you and your situation.

For information regarding real estate franchise opportunities in Michigan, please contact Craig Witt 877-669-3948 cwitt@miexit.com


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