The purpose of creating a vision board is twofold: one, to use the law of attraction to draw into your life those things you want most, and two, to crystallize those things into specifics.

A vision board (or book) should contain inspirational images and words that represent the things you want to acquire in the coming year. At the core of creating a vision board for real estate agents is determining your “why”; the reasons behind the reasons for your dreams and goals.  Here’s an example of an internal dialogue:

I want to close more deals in 2019.


Because I want to make a lot of money.


Because making a lot of money will give me the freedom to set my own schedule and that’s important to me.


Because I want to meet my children’s school bus each day.


Because I believe that spending time with my children every day will help them to be well-rounded, happy people. 

Making money is rarely someone’s “why” in and of itself, and in this example, a photo of you meeting your children from their school bus added to your vision board will help you to focus on your goal of increasing your transaction count.  It’s not about your transaction count, it’s about your why.

Jerry Grosenick, Broker/Owner of EXIT Realty XL with offices in Germantown and West Bend, Wisconsin, recently held a vision board session with 30 of his agents. “It was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen,” said Grosenick. “Everybody contributed. It wasn’t about the numbers, it was about their why – what they were doing for themselves and their families.”

Here are 3 key tips:

  • Don’t clutter your board – you will invite clutter into your life and lose your vision. “Include three to five images that are important to you,” says Grosenick.
  • Share your vision in a group and explain your why.
  • Keep your vision board visible all year. “Post it somewhere for you and your family to see each and every day,” says Grosenick.  “That’s your motivation.  That’s why you get up every day.”

For more information on determining your why, watch Simon Sinek’s famous Ted Talk, Start With Why. For more information on running a successful real estate brokerage, watch Jerry Grosenick’s recent interview with EXIT Realty’s U.S. Divisional President, Craig Witt, here.



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