Convention musings by Bob McKinnon, President of EXIT Realty’s South Central Division

sdfsdfConvention ’13 is done and what a time we had! “Best ever”, is what I am hearing and I so agree. On a personal level, I sat there just like all of you, watching and listening to every speaker and I was profoundly moved. How do you put a value on hearing pros like Darren Hardy, Jeffery Gitomer, Greg Rand, Dr. Gregg Baron and the ever funny John Pinette? I was moved by our own Tami Bonnell, then Tami and Erika Gileo sharing their challenging climb while associating it with EXIT’s founding. The stories and lessons told by Valerie Reyes, and special guest, Craig Shelly, were the best ever.

Two highlights for me were first, our founder Steve Morris sharing on such a personal level (tighty whities LOL), then watching him cast the vision of EXIT was exciting and inspirational, his very best ever.

The second highlight for me was the three EXIT members, Joanne DeFrisco, Stephanie Dickson and Erica Siegel sharing “what EXIT meant to me.” I heard not only heartfelt stories about them and their EXIT careers that truly validated everything about this company while witnessing their own personal miracle of finding their voice for sharing it.

Now for those of you who were there:  As you read this you are smiling, nodding your head remembering the experience for yourselves with your personal highlights. Let me say to you who were NOT there: In life, “we don’t know what we don’t know”, and that is not funny, but costly. What was missed by not being there this year was a profound loss. I have been going to conventions all my life and can tell you for sure I am a stronger person and professional for it. I also know that there are real pressing issues in life that keep us from doing things we intended to do. I know there are other things that need our money. That being said let me encourage, no insist, that you add attending our 2014 International Convention in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland® Resort to your MUST DO list. And notice, it is earlier next year; September 29 to October 2, 2014.

Put it in your calendar today! Get your spouse and kids excited about the most powerful vacation you will have ever taken. From me to you…PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS!

EXIT’s 2014 Annual Convention is over 80% sold out.  EXIT Associates can register in the EXIT Resource Center.


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