By Melanie Robitaille, Sr. Staff Writer

In today’s world, where most think of a successful mobile marketing campaign as technology-based, some agents are taking it to the streets.  One such agent is Sales Representative, Sherry Bryant of EXIT Realty Parade of Homes in Midlothian, Virginia, in her EXIT-wrapped teal Volkswagen Bug.

“I was interested when EXIT Realty’s Smart Car program was first in effect. Being a previous business owner of a flower shop, I used to have a vehicle with flowers all over it. When I found out that the Smart Car program evolved and I had the opportunity to wrap any car, I took it,” she recalled. “I love that I’m able to wrap a car I’ve already paid for. It was a summer car and now it’s a moving billboard.”

Sherry is often spotted driving in her convertible around her small-town of Mechanicsville, VA, even getting a lead on the first day, on her way home with the car. “It was a beautiful sunny, summer day, and it’s a convertible, so I was sitting at the stop light with the top down when a car pulled up next to me. The folks hadn’t heard of EXIT in our little area,” she recalled.

After researching and choosing a locally-owned firm to design the wrap and install it (after receiving the green light of approval from EXIT Realty’s Graphics Department), she’s also working with that company to create a unique business card to further boost each lead encounter. “I always give out my card so I’m in the process of ordering new ones shaped like a VW Bug, to match the car.  I figure you may not know me, but you’ll know my car,” she said.

Like many real estate professionals, Sherry was and continues to use other typical marketing strategies such as social media, and varying types of advertising, but says that none have reaped the success of her vehicle wrap. “I actually have people approaching me now, as opposed to me trying to find someone to reach out to,” she explained. “It’s almost every day that I have an encounter with potential leads, when I pull up at the store or when I’m going down the interstate and people roll down their windows or honk their horns.”

Her wrap garnered attention when Annette Anthony, EXIT’s VP of Technology Engagement, came to town for a training arranged through EXIT Realty Virginia Regional Owner, Nancy Shaver. To Sherry’s delight a photo of her car was made part of Annette’s presentation on branding.

“Sherry’s wrap is very eye catching and the group loved it! She shared with them how absolutely amazed she was with how many leads she gets. Since that day we’ve had four more requests for information on EXIT Realty’s Vehicle Wrap Incentive Program from associates who were in the room and two more in the works!” Nancy proudly recalled. “EXIT believes in helping associates brand themselves in the community. I know of no other company that, under our guidelines, will reimburse associates towards the cost of a personalized vehicle wrap! In this business you have to drive to make a living and these wraps are like driving a rolling billboard!”

EXIT Realty Associates can find out more about the program by searching “vehicle wrap” on the Resource Center.



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