EXIT Realty Corp. International has always taken a holistic approach to the well being of its Associates.  The EXIT Formula of single-level residuals provides income streams in addition to taking listings and closing transactions that include retirement and beneficiary benefits to help to provide financial security for an agent and his or her family, now and in the future.

EXIT Realty also recognizes that a person’s emotional, physical and spiritual well being are keys to their overall quality of life.  To this end the company’s Focus on Good Health initiative includes a series of articles, tips and tools promoting wellness at work and home.

Consulting with EXIT Realty on this initiative is Dr. Gregg Baron.  Dr. Gregg, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of DREAM Wellness based in New York, is no stranger to EXIT Associates having wowed the audience at the EXIT Realty Corp. International Convention in Washington DC.

“The relationship between wealth and wellness is unmistakable,” says Dr. Gregg. EXIT Realty understands that healthier, happier teammates create healthier, happier teams.  Healthier, happier teams lead directly to an increase in productivity. “

“Good health is the basis of a great life,” says Steve Morris, Founder and Chairman of EXIT Realty Corp. International.  “This initiative encompasses the essence of EXIT’s philosophy, to be healthy, wealthy, loving and wise.”

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