Broker Council brings real estate franchisees together for the common good

Real estate can be a cut-throat business, even among brokerage owners flying the same franchise flag.  One group of independent competing business owners in New Jersey came together to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and synergy that has benefited the entire group.  Here’s their story as told by Charles "Chuck" Hendershot, Franchisee EXIT Realty Group.

I have been with EXIT Realty Group for seven years.  Fortunately, some of our franchises had the opportunity to open their offices in a strong economy and thriving real estate market.  During my first year in business with EXIT Realty as a franchisee, our Harding Township, New Jersey office grew quickly to 44 agents.  Many of our agents worked full time and their productivity was relative to the flourishing market.  As the economy suffered and the market began to shift downward, the agents’ production also shifted.  I watched many different real estate companies flounder in these difficult economic times and often merge with other offices or simply close down.

At the end of 2009, the brokers of EXIT Realty of New Jersey (subfranchisor of EXIT Realty Corp. International) decided to take advantage of our numbers and pull together as a group.  Although we are independently owned and operated competing franchises, we saw a vast potential in pooling the fortes and resources of our 40 offices and hundreds of agents to grow and strengthen everyone concerned.  We called every one of our EXIT Realty of NJ offices and invited them to our first Broker Council meeting.  While we were hopeful, we did not foresee the actual impact this group would have.  Yet, now that we are half way through 2010, we can undoubtedly see the momentum building and that there truly is power in networking and team work.

The synergy combined with each member accents one another.  In a very short period of time, we have had statewide involvement and training camps building the adrenalin, excitement and enthusiasm for all our agents and potential sponsorships.  I personally thank all members and look forward to future endeavors together.  This truly is what team effort is all about.
Holly Pring, Broker of Record, EXIT Realty Group

In addition to our successful monthly Broker Council meetings, many brokers are convening for lunch to do mini power meetings.  Here we can actively pass along our areas of expertise in the real estate business to other brokers and enhance the betterment of the group.  EXIT Realty of NJ’s brokers are resolute about the education of our region, brokers, agents, administrators and our clients.  It is so fulfilling and encouraging to increase energy and enthusiasm within the EXIT Realty of NJ organization.

Meetings of the EXIT Realty of NJ Broker Council have given new light to the phrase “team work”.  Personally, I get re-charged with enthusiasm, I become more determined to help achieve our goals.  Each meeting and every event gives opportunity for everyone to participate and extend some input; even the offices we thought had fallen seem to be gaining momentum again in 2010.
Barbara McLaren EXIT of NJ Regional Office

In the first quarter of 2010, the EXIT Realty of NJ brokers organized two incredible training events for our agents.  While it is imperative to unite the brokers as one, it is crucial to bring together the agents, and these events did exactly that.  The agents did not anticipate such an incredible turnout, and frankly, our expectations were highly exceeded.  This is one successful example what peer-to-peer networking can create.

As a Member of the Broker Council of EXIT Realty of New Jersey, I find the synergy, willingness to co-operate, positive input and everyone’s collection of ideas and suggestions a great way to keep us moving forward. 
Elizabeth Morgan, Broker, EXIT Towne and Country Realty

EXIT Realty of NJ offers extensive training online and offline.  At least quarterly, we bring the top trainers in the industry for live events.  We have incredible online live interactive training, boot camps, performance coaching, and power selling in addition to other powerful events for our brokers and agents.  The success stories are accumulating daily and this is a clear illustration of how powerful peer to peer networking can be when done correctly.

The Broker Council has created such great camaraderie! We have seasoned agents with over 20 years experience leaving the events saying they have never had training like this before. 
Stephanie Verderose, Broker/Owner EXIT Uptown Realty

Having the opportunity to interact with all Brokers at the Brokers Council, releases positive energy and the level of creativity goes up as a group that we could not reach individually. The momentum we have created and the training events and activities the Council has done and have scheduled are destined to keep growing, making me extremely proud as a member of such a dynamic group.
Carlos “Alex” Jesus, Broker of Record, EXIT Golden Realty

Often in tough financial times, people hide and find refuge.  This is not the case with the brokers of EXIT Realty of NJ.  Rather, we saw an opportunity to use our sheer size complimented with our wealth of knowledge to pull together to reinvent the passion for our field.  Through peer-to-peer networking, we found a productive refuge in each other and are embarking on new ideas. 


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