A commentary by Annette Anthony, Vice President Technology Engagement, EXIT Realty Corp. International. 

‘Tis the season for events! You’re likely noticing that your calendar is filling up with event requests to attend professional, seasonal, or casual events. Have you reflected on making those events lasting? There is a way! I’ll share several ideas here so you can open more opportunities for personal development and referrals. Grab a pen and let’s explore together!

Here are some thoughts to do prior to the event, during the event and after the event.

PRIOR to the event:

Define: What is the goal of the event? Discover: Who will be at the event? Let’s start with these two topics. I’ve spoken to hundreds of real estate professionals at events and when I ask them, “What is your goal for attending this event?” You should see the blank stares I get! The response I usually get is, “What do you mean?” When I ask who they want to meet at the event, most say they won’t know until they get there. We CAN do better. BEFORE you even RSVP:

Define: What do you want to accomplish by attending? Is it learning something that can impact your business? Is it getting to know the organizers of the event so you can get more involved?

Discover: Do you know who’s also attending? Is there a Facebook Group that you can network in prior to the event? Is your intent to meet as many people as you can or do you want to leave with two scheduled coffee appointments with attendees? Is there a person of influence you want to meet? Are you connected with the attendees on social media?

DURING the event:

Are you EXITized when you attend an event? Do you have at least an EXIT pin on and visible? I wear my EXIT pin to a BBQ with friends! I never leave home without it.

Do you have clean business cards on hand? I’ve been given “the last card” in an agent’s possession and the poor card was absolutely tattered. It should have been retired to the recycle bin!

Are you proficient in using and sharing your mobile business card? How comfortable are you in the use of the EXIT Realty Connect App to use the Quick Lead icon? Do you have a strong elevator speech about what is EXIT?

AFTER the event:

Now is not the time to start planning what you plan do to to follow up with attendees you met. By now, you should already have a plan in place and ready to execute. Here are my eight suggestions that you do over eight weeks (YES, you do all of them!) to cement the relationship you’ve made

  1. Send a handwritten note with your business card. “It was great to meet you at the event!”
  2. Send a 10-second video saying, “It was great to meet you at the event, I look forward to staying connected!”
  3. Send your Mobile Business Card™ using the EXIT Realty Connect app. Be sure to include the “4 Minute Million” video and Residuals Calculator.
  4. Send a 10-second video saying, “Let’s get together to share business ideas.” After all, who doesn’t love to collaborate?
  5. Connect with them on any social media platform you’re active on.
  6. Add them to your monthly newsletter.
  7. Invite them to a company event.
  8. Send a 10-second video saying, “I appreciate connecting with you and look forward to mutually growing by supporting one another in business.” We need more people who support one another, don’t we? Of course we do!

Let me know how you’re doing with these suggestions. I’m ALL ears!

One More BONUS Idea Not to Miss!

Share what you’ve learned on social, blogs, and your monthly newsletter with your clients, prospects, and sphere of influence. They need to know that you actually dedicate time out of your business to invest in your business.

Here are simple ways to do accomplish that:

  1. Check in on social. Take a selfie of you in front of the location. Let your audience know you are attending an event that will help you grow personally and professionally.
  2. Take a selfie with the organizer of the event. Tag them on the post and give kudos for a well organized event. Be respectful and ask for permission to post.
  3. Take a group picture with a group of attendees. Be sure to tag them on the post and say that you are looking forward to networking with like-minded professionals. Be respectful and ask for permission to post.
  4. Do a 2-minute-or-less reflection video. Share what you learned from the event and how it’s going to help you serve your clients better. Post it on social. If you’re not as adventurous to do video, you can include a mention in your monthly newsletter.

If you’re not sharing that you’re growing, you’re missing the opportunity!

Now, get out there and be awesome.


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