EXIT Realty Ohio’s Brad Fennell Offers Advice to Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Brad FennellEXIT Realty Corp. International CEO & Founder, Steve Morris, announced recently that he expects the real estate market to begin to turn around in the second quarter of 2009.   With this in mind, EXIT asked some of its key regional leaders, “With the bottom of the real estate market being formally announced by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2009, what 3 strategies would you give both a broker and a sales representative to prepare accordingly?” 

“A positive attitude is first and foremost,” according to Brad Fennell, Regional Owner of EXIT Realty Ohio, in a presentation at EXIT Realty’s 10th Annual Convention held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Fennell’s three strategies are:

1. Refine and Redefine.   “Take a good hard look at how you’re running your business,” he said.   “Surround yourself with good people.”   Do you really need all that office space or can you downsize or renegotiate your lease?   Where are you spending your marketing dollars?   Create a business plan and a strict budget and stick to it.

2.   Employ new systems and tools. “Agents must leave the mindset of traditional real estate and think outside the box,” he said.   “But, and it is a big BUT, the agent must understand all that is necessary to unleash the power of the technology, from how Internet leads are different and how what they have been told by traditional trainers over the past twenty years, may not be the most effective and efficient way any longer.”

3.   Accountability.   “In the end it comes down to getting out of bed and going to work.”   Maintain your ethics, don’t compromise your reputation – it takes years to build and only minutes to destroy.

“I view this as an opportunity market and a cleansing process,” Fennell concluded.   “We will reinvent ourselves and find new and better ways to generate business and make money.   These will only serve to further position us for success when the market turns around.”

For more information on real estate franchise opportunities in Ohio, please contact:

Brad Fennell, Regional Owner
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