I believe knowing that she would still be able to help her husband, even after she was gone, was a comfort to her

EXIT Realty Owns the Next Decade!In a blog post on February 9th EXIT Realty’s U.S. President Tami Bonnell said:

At EXIT Realty, the residual effect is in everything we do. It’s in the wonderful stories that will be shared in this blog over the next 5 weeks, it’s witnessed throughout EXIT offices across the continent, and it’s experienced through every training, convention, and mentoring opportunity available.

Following is one of these stories: 

In Memory of Ginger Gracey

Earlier this summer, while showing houses I received a text from Ginger Gracey, one of my agents. She had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2009, gone through chemo and surgery and thought she would be back selling real estate in the early spring of 2010. Then she found out it had spread to her lungs, so she started another round of chemo, determined to fight and win. Her text message basically said, ‘I’m at the cancer center. They say I have four to six weeks to live. Need to meet with you ASAP to shut my business down.’ After a scan of her body, Doctors found that the cancer had now spread to her brain.

When I got to her house the next day, she was lying on her sofa and didn’t have the strength to open the door. I sat with her that morning and I talked to her about her options. We hugged, cried, and expressed how much we had impacted each other and how sorry we were that we didn’t have more time to get to know one another. We also talked about sponsoring. In January of 2009 she began working with a young man, Tom and his mother. She sold him a condo and a few months later, sponsored him in to EXIT. That day with Ginger, I feel somehow that knowing her husband would continue to receive the benefits of her labor helped her to find some peace. I believe knowing that she would still be able to help her husband, even after she was gone, was a comfort to her. Robert won’t become rich from Ginger’s sponsorship, however, thanks to sponsoring Tom continues to call and spend time with Robert.

Jane Renger, Broker, EXIT Elite Realty, Midlothian VA

This article is an excerpt from the EXIT Recruiter Newspaper.  Please contact your local EXIT Realty office for a copy.



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