A commentary by Susan Harrison, EXIT Realty Corp. International SVP Corporate Communications

Susan Harrison, EXIT Realty Corp. International SVP Corporate CommunicationsA colleague and friend of mine has decided to get her real estate license.  After almost 20 years in the administrative side of the real estate business she is taking the plunge.  Why, you might ask, would someone want to get their license when the real estate industry has taken such a beating over the past few years? Is she diving head first into an empty pool?

According to a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS® in the U.S., “even in today’s challenging economy, 95% of home owners and 72% of renters believe that over a period of several years, it makes more sense to own a home” and “an overwhelming majority of home owners are happy with their decision to own a home—93% of owners surveyed would buy again.”  According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, “some 447,010 homes traded hands over Canadian MLS® Systems in 2010”. 

This tells us that across North America, people feel good about home ownership and are actually participating in the real estate market.   I personally know agents who enjoyed a banner sales year last year and that was evidenced at EXIT Realty’s annual convention in October where we handed out 22% more trophies for production achievements than we did the previous year.  

So far so good for my friend.

She is performing her due diligence.  She has many contacts in the field – agents with more than 20 years experience – and has been engaging in frank discussions with them about their careers.  She has examined her own resources, both time and money, and understands what it will take to get her career off the ground and keep it going.  

She is looking for a way to secure her financial future – before you choke on your morning coffee at the thought of real estate sales being a secure way to earn a living, consider this.  She is smart, resourceful, well-connected and organized.  She is going into this venture with her eyes wide open.  She will be placing her license with an organization where she will have the potential to earn more than 100% with residual income.  She won’t have to rely only on her last transaction to put money in the bank.

Diving head first into an empty pool? No – the pool is full, the day is sunny.  EXIT Realty is her water wings and I think her future looks pretty rosy.


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