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Tami Bonnell, President - US, EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalA commentary by Tami Bonnell, President – US, EXIT Realty Corp. International

As I travel around the continent, one topic that constantly arises is that of staying on track – being organized – so I thought I would share a fun way to not only stay on track, but to grow.

First, create an outline of all of your wants, both personally and professionally – an outline is simple to put together. Read it daily and make up your mind to notice a new opportunity; a new source of business, a Chamber of Commerce activity, an influential person or a new market.

Then increase your presence every day, online and off.  Put together a target number of new contacts every day. Remember to get to know them as well – Google them, ask what is important to them. Offline, get validation from every success and submit press releases for everything you do that is newsworthy.

Next, know your client.  From what I have just mentioned and market data, are you representing a certain demographic? You need to know this so you can utilize your marketing dollars wisely.

Check your attitude – if you are not in the right frame of mind it can cost you. So ask yourself effective questions; who should I surround myself with that gets the most and the best out of me? Who can I learn from? We just posted the Top 100 within EXIT Realty – if you do not have a list, start there. What should I be learning, reading? Book off segments of time in which to get your work done, include prospecting (origination), follow up (a system to keep current and future deals in play), and planning (creating a future).

Lastly, always have a contingency plan (leverage) and be working on more than one source of business/revenue.  That is what is so terrific about EXIT Realty – part of that should always be residual income.  As you share all of this with people you introduce into the company you help them do better. It increases your income and you get better because the teacher always learns more than the student.

I look forward to hearing your success stories.

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