EXIT Realty’s Tami Bonnell offers great advice to real estate agents and brokers in this month’s The Niche Report

The Niche Report, May 2012: Your Dirty Dozen: Connecting though adding valueThis month, The Niche Report for real estate agents and brokers features this article by Tami Bonnell, President of the US Organization of EXIT Realty Corp. International. 

Tami Bonnell, President of the US Organization of EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalWhether you’re recruiting an agent into your company or selling property, real estate has everything to do with making connections and through those connections, building relationships.

In this rapid fire world of hyper technology, we no longer connect the same way we used to.  People broadcast instead of connecting.  They add names to long lists and generate drip email campaigns or tweet 20 times a day, often pushing their message out with little regard to the actual person receiving it.  We may have 1,000 touches on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn but that number of contacts doesn’t translate into a strong foundation for your business.  Ask yourself this; if you were looking for an investment (whether an investment in where you’re going to work or a house you want to buy or sell) would you place your trust in someone who pushes their own agenda?  Would you entrust your long term future, your nest egg, the home where you’ve bathed your children, to someone you haven’t connected with?  Probably not.

Studies prove time and again that people want to feel like they’re a part of something better.  They want to matter. Even infants who are clothed, fed and sheltered fail to thrive in the absence of human connection. As humans we are inherently connectors.  As good as video and other technologies may be, if we don’t connect in a real and genuine way, we don’t grow.

So how do we build these connections in the real estate business (and in life)? We do it by adding value.  When you add value to someone’s life – genuinely and unselfishly – they feel like they are a part of a larger community.  They know that they matter.  They feel appreciated. 

Read the full article on pages 22 and 23 here. 


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