It’s not the problem, it’s how you handle the problem

EXIT Realty Corp. International Founder & CEO, Steve MorrisA commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International Founder & CEO, Steve Morris.

A career is nothing more than a series of comebacks.  Your life, both in and out of business, is a culmination of phases that rhythm, up and down, positive and negative, joyful and tearful. 

When it comes to business, there are moments when everything is perfectly in synch to the point that you simply cannot believe it.  Notice that I said moments. There are others when it is simply “Au contraire mon frère”.

It’s not the problem, it’s how you handle the problem.  But then again, life is not always a problem or a never ending series of problems.  Often, it is an outrageous success that bubbles and percolates euphorically.  The question still remains – how did you handle it?  How well do you handle success and how well do you handle failure?  How do you act and react?

Someone once said that “there really is no good or bad only the thinking makes it so”.  Your perspective defines it all.  With this, you know very well that there have been experiences and occurrences that you thought were absolutely disgusting and abhorrent and later you realized that it really wasn’t the case at all.  You simply had not gathered all the facts. 

Your life is a roller coaster of hills and valleys and over time you will handle it better. Judgment can indeed be the downfall of man as was stated in the movie Apocalypse Now.  Sometimes, we all judge too harshly, react too abruptly, and anger too spontaneously.  For the most part that’s human and yet given more experience, more time and more life each one of us will deal with it all a little more gracefully.

In this regard, you can blame the bankers, the mortgage brokers, the stock brokers and the government all you want for the economy and do so until the “cows come home”.  Eventually you, like the rest of us will get over it.  Moping and groping does not solve the problem.  Going back to work diligently and persistently does.

In 2005, who would have guessed that what was about to happen to the real estate industry would happen?  Almost none of us.  Life was superb.  At that moment it just couldn’t have been better.  In 2008, everybody said it simply couldn’t be worse. 

With the definition of a career suggesting that comebacks are the norm, it is now time to make a comeback.

This comeback should offset the crisis totally.  Your comeback should be the biggest and best ever. 

This fabulous comeback will be based on an attitude of greatness.  It should be characterized with absolute deliberate intention.


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