Paron: If the agent does better, the corporation does better.

A commentary by Joyce Paron, President of the Canadian Division of EXIT Realty Corp. International.

Wouldn’t most real estate agents do better with an extra $1,000 or $2,000 in monthly income?  It is no surprise that so many agents just scrape by making a living when we are in an industry that considers the corporation, instead of the individual, to be the asset.  Yet, if the agent does better, the corporation does better.  Positive reinforcement and encouragement of an individual builds self esteem which fuels strong personal confidence.  And where is this more important than for individuals in this industry dealing with an onslaught of rejection, day after day.

Every agent needs psychological armour to survive and thrive in an environment that constantly tests their every move.  The right frame of mind, the proper language, an array of skills, and the finesse in being the catalyst helping home owners and buyers to reach their dreams, are all requisites to succeed.  And typically, an agent has to do this on their own.  Yes, it is truly a lonely business, and agents are often alone.  This is the plight of most real estate agents today.

EXIT Realty has built a bridge to a better future.  A future where there is someone there to help and direct you.  And not just one someone, but a team; a team of specialists, designed to get the most and the best out of you.   Where most other franchisors are cutting back on technology, cancelling conventions, and reducing services, EXIT is developing and launching new technology, putting on top rate conventions and improving and adding services.

What agents need is support.  Support from every angle to provide them with tools to be their best.  TORC is EXIT Realty’s all-new Total Office Resource Center; our own cloud-based, paperless system for agents and brokers to manage their real estate businesses – and their lives – online. It is EXIT’s central communication hub for leads and transactions, sharing documents, scheduling showings, automating customer reviews and maintaining databases, calendars and to-do lists, all from one seamless online solution.

If it wasn’t apparent before the recession, it is now; agent count is meaningless, agent productivity is everything.  Even the best agents know that they would do better if they had a better coach.  The great champions from Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan have proven time and again that even the best require someone else to have a perspective on them for their continued improvement.

EXIT Realty agents have a plethora of coaching, training and technology options that allow them to choose what’s right for them to enhance their business and provide the best service possible to their clients.  Sometimes it’s small adjustments, not big ones that can make all the difference.   But first comes opportunity.   EXIT provides the opportunity for agents to learn and grow from an array of champions that have taught thousands of real estate agents to be more productive. EXIT provides the proper encouragement, tools and technology that are delivered with professional finesse, to inspire agents to go from good to great.  At EXIT, the agents are the asset!


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