Petteway: Don’t leave me alone in my belief in you

Janice Petteway, President South East DivisionA commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International’s South East U.S. Divisional President, Janice Petteway.

Focus on deep, calm breaths in and out. There is something cellular about the tranquil feeling it gives. It allots each of us the time to think, reflect and decide on our personal reactions to events outside of ourselves. In the real estate industry, our ability to move forward with a positive attitude greatly impacts our bottom line. How many down-in-the-dumps REALTORS® do you know? Every one of us is in control of our own success. We choose each minute of every day to either work hard and help as many individuals in their pursuit of homeownership as possible, or to just skate by.

Now that the elections in the U.S. are over, let’s all take the extra time we gain without the distraction and use it to make our own personal world a better place today. It just seems to me that no matter which team you were rooting for we are all Americans. That’s the team I’m rooting for. I see amazing acts of heroism and kindness from members of this team. I see leaders develop small businesses from a spare bedroom. I see single moms support children selling houses that become homes to other growing families. I see college graduates that couldn’t find jobs in their fields coming into real estate all ready plugged in and ready to take on any challenge.

The real estate industry is not easy and the recent years have been beyond difficult, but the rewards are still worth the effort. With the right tools, systems, formula and leadership, success is not only possible, it is probable. So take a deep breath and go help someone achieve their dream.

One last thing….Please don’t leave me alone in my belief in you.


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