Petteway: Every hour I plan to engage my brain

EXIT Realty Corp. International's South East U.S. Divisional President, Janice PettewayA commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International’s South East U.S. Divisional President, Janice Petteway.

As we brought in the New Year, there was all of the normal talk about resolutions. What I found interesting was the segment I heard on the news that stated we only average eight weeks of resolution success. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s an “F!” If that’s the average, why do we continue this silly tradition? Why not create a better plan?

I am no longer going to even think about New Year’s resolutions; I’m going to make 24 hour resolutions. I’m going to build a life one hour at a time. In this hour, it might be wise to do the most difficult things first. If you challenge the hardest tasks first, you will have more willpower and concentration than if you had done a few easier ones beforehand.

A few minutes each hour will be devoted to looking for someone doing something productive in their life so that I may acknowledge and compliment them, but also to see if what they have just done is something I, too, should incorporate in my day. Every hour I plan to engage my brain and decide what task is the most important for the following sixty minutes. It’s my life and my decisions.

What would happen if we all called just one person per hour that we either did business with or would like to start working with? Just one person, maybe four of sixty minutes, is all it would take. What could we accomplish living our lives 24 hours at a time?

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a big picture in place. Distant-future plans are wonderful and important, but it seems more human to stay on track one day at a time. So, who are you going to call in the next 60 minutes? Who will you find doing something constructive? Which thirty minute training clip*are you going to devour on the EXIT Realty family of sites? Just focus on the hour in front of you and take action. We are all writing our own autobiographies, so why not pay close attention to each paragraph?

One more thing: Please don’t leave me alone in my belief in you.




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