All you may require is a new idea to challenge your direction

A commentary by Joyce Paron, President of the Canadian Division of EXIT Realty Corp. International.

“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”  Max Lucado poignantly coins the mark of an entrepreneur.  EXIT Realty has become home to entrepreneurs ready to make their music and lead a new culture of empathy orientation in the real estate industry.  A dynamic vision of being the largest and most productively successful real estate company in North America is precisely the challenge that sets hearts on fire and engages the best in the industry.

As the awards for EXIT’s revolutionary business model jettison more attention to the brand and its achievements, responsibility requisite with the honor is necessary.  Perhaps the U.S. Marines slogan says it best, ‘The Few.  The Proud.  The Marines.’ – an elite group of specialists that understands that mastery in their arena is what they live by and what delivers excellence in their execution of their strategic plan.  EXIT’s ‘marines’ on both sides of the border are the entrepreneurs known to us as our brokerage owners.

The coveted role of owner and leader is reserved for those who envision a life beyond real estate sales, and inherently understand that their cumulated knowledge is something to cherish and build upon, not to carelessly throw away.  The champions in this industry are set apart.  They are always learning, training, watching trends and new developments, honing their skill set to keep their competitive edge.  The greatest enemy for those champions is restless indifference bred from efforts that were once a challenge and are now mundane.  Dangerous waters indeed.

Entrepreneurs thrive on pushing themselves; they know they want to build a legacy and inherently know that there is something bigger that they can do.  They know they are up for the challenge.  They feel it.  Real estate brokerage is the ultimate challenge.  It differentiates the good from the great and gives reason to getting out of bed in the morning.  It stirs new life, creativity and hustle instead of weighing one down in routine, hum drum days. All that you as a champion may require is a new idea to change your direction and empower the possibilities that reside inside of you.  EXIT Realty may be a fit for you.  Champions know that the crowd has opinions and instead of following, forge their own way.  Listen to what EXIT is about first hand.  See for yourself.  Measure what you hear against what you thought.  It may be time for you to entertain a new idea, and EXIT may be it.


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