McKinnon: Most of us have come too far not to expect the most for our lives

Bob McKinnon, President of EXIT Realty's South Central U.S. DivisionA commentary by Bob McKinnon, President of EXIT Realty’s South Central U.S. Division.

My favorite aunt growing up was one of those high-energy fun people to be around. Patsy would excite us kids with a gleam in her eye, a quirky grin and the question, “Can you just imagine?” The picture she would paint in our minds was one of excitement and glee for what she was talking about, and yes, our young minds could imagine.

Working with grown-ups now, I am always a little dismayed as to how hard it is to get most people to create a goal or plan that motivates. Maybe we just grew out of the skill or because we have been in a downturn of business for so long, or because of all the competition for our attention day and night, but there is a block for some to see a future that really excites or keeps them awake nights.

"Imagination" according to Webster is; “Resourcefulness, the act or power of forming mental images of what is not present or the act or power of creating new ideas by combining previous experiences.”   Notice the language twice mentions, “The act or power of…” which translates to me, by design.

Take a legal pad and go to a place quiet and peaceful. Begin to imagine your perfect job, company, vacation, net worth, wardrobe, or relationship. Start each subject with the phrase, “I would be so excited if…" or "I can hardly wait until…” Put as much detail into these scenes as you can as you create an exciting picture on the canvas of your mind. Beware of judgments that may limit the vision; just think of possibilities as you designing the outcome that truly excites you.

Most of us have come too far not to expect the most for our lives. The plain gray tones we get by settling for less or not taking the time to design the outcomes we want brings no gleam to the eye or creates no grins at all. Living small keeps us awake all right but not for the right reason. As this year ends, a new one begins – spend the time to define all that you can imagine even if only in one area of your life. The excitement of that one thing could make all the difference in the world.


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