Fear in our business is only about lack of knowledge, tools or support

Janice Petteway: Feeding Your Real Estate Career RightA commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International’s South East U.S. Divisional President, Janice Petteway.

I have been reading a book on nutrition, all about putting the right fuel into our bodies for our own personal chemical makeup, and I had an epiphany.  Isn’t that true with everything we do? 

Real estate careers are no different.  To be a successful REALTOR, all of us just need to put into our day exactly what works for us.  What I mean is, if cold calling makes your stomach turn, then don’t do it.  Stress never helped anything.  One of the reasons I love EXIT Realty is the thought process given to what makes each of us tick.  I love that if the thought of presenting your own listing presentation makes you squirm, you can go to the resource center and choose a better one.  Or if you feel bad about your marketing skills you can jump onto Technology Real Estate with Jeff Lobb and watch precise how-to videos on what you need to do to shine! 

I believe it is true that we all need to care about what we put into our bodies, but what about our careers?  If we all just focus on what we feel good about and work those aspects of real estate, I think it may make us more successful.  Get some success and feel good about your career, then start gaining comfort skills in other directions.  Fear in our business is only about lack of knowledge, tools or support.  Reach out for what you need.  Your success depends on it.  It is what I did ten years ago when I fell in love with EXIT Realty and the people involved. 

P.S.- Please don’t leave me alone in my belief in you.


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