From the desk of EXIT Realty Founder & CEO, Steve Morris

Steve Morris, CEO & Founder, EXIT Realty Corp. International
I Intend to recognize that each of us tells a story in the way that we live our lives.
I Intend to have clarity of purpose and boundless vision.
I Intend to maintain my integrity, regardless of the favorable or unfavorable responses of others.
I Intend to accept that my work is meant to reach particular individuals, and that others will be reached through alternate avenues.
I Intend to accomplish my work as necessary. 
I Intend to use moments of total silence as opportunities to listen.
I Intend to comprehend that the success of others does not threaten my own accomplishments or self-worth.
I Intend to remember that another’s achievements are not intended for me and that I have my own achievements to make.
I Intend to seize opportunities and to use them wisely. 
I Intend to overcome obstacles with grace and execute my endeavors to their greatest potential.


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