From the desk of EXIT Realty Founder & CEO, Steve Morris

Steve Morris, Founder & CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalI Intend to acknowledge that I lack nothing and that I have always been, and always will be, provided for.
I Intend to know that I am always guided and protected.
I Intend to be physically, mentally and emotionally unscarred by events, words or ideas.
I Intend to redeem rather than condemn myself.
I Intend to evaluate and correct my perception rather than place judgment on the ideas and actions of others.
I Intend to take spiritual steps as I am ready to take them.
I Intend to understand that I slow my progress if I think too much of the past or the future, for the only relevant moment of this life’s purpose is now. 
I Intend to heal and release all regrets and self-condemnation for they are no longer of use to me, and only delay the greater story of my life.
I Intend to perceive the lessons of past mistakes.
I Intend to make decisions consciously with wisdom and grace.


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