Witt: This business is like whitetail deer hunting

Real Estate Fieldwork: A commentary by Craig Witt, President - North Central Division, EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalA commentary by Craig Witt, President – North Central Division, EXIT Realty Corp. International

The television series Undercover Boss speaks to me in a very unique way. You see, I have an unbelievable work history, some actually say they don’t believe me, but rest assured I have witnesses (along with scars and a medical file) to prove them all! I feel like I could have hosted the show Dirty Jobs and just recapped my past. This series reminds me, and I am sure it connects with some of you as well, of the first day on the job, feeling less than adequate and inexperienced to perform the job you were told to do. The difference in my first day was this: I always pretended like I knew exactly what to do and faked it really well. I was NEVER afraid to do any job put in front of me and I always started at the bottom, the entry level position, and worked my way up. Up, that is, until another opportunity landed in front of me.

Don’t misunderstand, I was not a so-called job-jumper, the people I aligned myself with and the relationships I developed by working hard did not go unnoticed and often times I would have a new opportunity in a different position or company (or state) all-together. I looked at these opportunities as true opportunities, to learn something new and different, not realizing all the time the value of what I was learning. I am so confident in my abilities that challenges come easy to me and commitment to doing the best, better than anyone else, is my competitive nature. I find happiness in problem solving and challenge myself every day to feel fulfilled before I go to sleep.

Real estate challenges me every day. This business is like whitetail deer hunting; just when you think you have the deer figured out, they do something new and different. I sometimes feel like the undercover boss as I travel around the states interviewing prospects. I witness agents’ behavior, administrators’ behavior, and broker/owners’ behavior, and it illustrates the essence of this business. Who is committed, who should be committed, and who is taking advantage of the independent contractor opportunity. I love this business and with any business there are the good and bad, but overall, our associates in EXIT display a true love and loyalty for our brand.  I appreciate that because I know every day I am representing our people, I am doing my best to be a good ambassador to represent our company with high standards, ethics and professionalism.


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