Perpetual self-improvement should be the cornerstone of your life’s mission

Steve Morris, Founder & CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalA commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International Founder & CEO, Steve Morris.

When you are fired up with an all absorbing idea that you feel particularly good about, you are bound to succeed.  Enthusiasm is contagious and it radiates to others.

Your experience, status in life, wealth and position are a mathematical and exact reproduction of your belief and inner conviction.  The law of your subconscious is eminently fair and absolutely just in this regard.  You are what you contemplate and you are always demonstrating your beliefs and assumptions.  There is no reason to brag or boast.  You get what you concentrate on: It’s yours, you created it. 

Self-improvement implies striving for a higher vision and that’s your responsibility.  Improving always makes for better results and therefore should be entered into enthusiastically.  The more efficient, productive, successful and prepared you become, the better the opportunities that arise.  Perpetual self-improvement should be the cornerstone of your life’s mission and you should be constantly maneuvering, adjusting and adapting to make it a prerequisite of all that you do.  The courage of your conviction regarding this should be affirmatively anchored into your psyche permanently.  You should be unshakable in your purpose regarding self-enhancement and refinement.  This means that you will progressively get better and better.  Being enthusiastic about this simply accelerates it.

Assume the position in your mind that “you know that you know” and that “you can because you know you can”.  Do this with confidence and clarity.  Give yourself permission to be an absolute success in all that you do.  Contemplate purposefully that you are beyond all question capable. 

Success is always muted when you are double minded.  Knowing this, focus only on what works and accept the opportunity willingly when it comes.  If a project, system or training looks and feels good to you, accept it.  Your gut feeling is the deciding factor.  If those inner feelings are enthusiastic (even if you’re broke) the resources required will be supplied in perfect measure in perfect timing.  On the other hand, “when in doubt throw it out”.

Wanting is the precursor of desire.  It is a pulling power.  When you want something, you are always enthusiastic about receiving it.  However, when you hesitate, procrastinate, vacillate and waver you simply lose the opportunity to move forward.  Your heart is either in it or it’s not. 

When your mind-set is positive, constructive and creative, your intuition will guide you with creative ingenuity.  Guard your moods, be assertive and maintain balance and persist.  The results will be self-evident. 


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