Remain true to your ideals and goals in life and all that you do will prosper

Steve Morris, Founder & CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International

A commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International Founder & CEO, Steve Morris.

You can often deal more effectively with someone who attempts to upstage you or overpower you, not by meeting him head-on, but by disarming him with unexpected soft words. Choose your thoughts carefully and your tone appropriately. Practice discernment; separate the chaff from the wheat in your mind. The inner happiness of your heart will always meet with kindness and goodwill everywhere because it is felt by others. They feel your presence.

Remain true to your ideals and goals in life and all that you do will prosper. Your inner mood or feeling controls your external world. Don’t blame others and don’t let anyone irritate you. Start realizing that your Higher Self is your only boss. Be honest, helpful and purposeful and nothing will hurt you. If you hold resentment and permit yourself to be emotionally disturbed, you will experience loss in many ways. You are always strongest in quietness and in confidence. Do your work well and refrain from doing anything of a foolhardy nature. Use good common sense in all your undertakings. Discretion and understanding are the watch words here. Always be alert and on the lookout. Make sure your decisions are wise. To have understanding is to know a way out of trouble and to know how to live in peace and harmony on this planet. When your thoughts are wise, your actions will be wise. When your attitude is right and you live in the expectancy of the best, invariably the best will come to you. Success and prosperity are the bi-products of this approach. As you learn to believe in yourself, trust yourself and be more comfortable with yourself both of these will express in absolute abundance. Given the right reinforcement, you simply cannot fail.


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