The genius of Steve Morris, EXIT’s Canadian founder, has taken the American real estate industry by storm…

Real Estate Professionals – Set Yourself Free!

Joyce Paron, President of EXIT Realty’s Canadian Operation says, “EXIT is a full service real estate franchisor that provides unmatched support and training.  The EXIT Formula renders the lonely days of broker/owners having to recruit all by themselves a senseless and uncompetitive thing of the past.”

“From metropolitan cities to even the smallest hamlets, to towns with less than 40 agents and populations of 6,000, droves of people come out to hear the EXIT story at the popular events known as 60 Minutes with EXIT.  Mesmerized by EXIT’s operating model, business community leaders pack the rooms intrigued by the genius of Steve Morris, EXIT’s Canadian Founder who has taken the American real estate community by storm;  the first ever Canadian real estate franchisor who has made it big south of the border.”

“No other real estate corporation in history has drawn such crowds to listen to their story and system, which has created a paradigm shift in the industry across the continent.”



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