A commentary by Bob McKinnon. Director of Leadership, EXIT Realty Corp. International

During all the years I personally sold real estate, we fellow REALTORS® of all brands and affiliations worked closely together to get transactions closed.  As would happen in every deal something would go wrong and usually lead to great drama for everyone involved.  The worst scenario would be when one of us agents was the drama…UGG!

I had the privilege of working with some very mature agents in those formative years.  They modeled to me a confident calm which came from experience that settled everything down to where we could calmly move toward a solution and close the deal.  I have had more mature agents say to me, “Settle down kid, I will handle this and WE will both look great!”

Look at that phrase, “I will handle this and WE…” that is mature leadership.

Leaders bring calm to chaos!

In this dysfunctional business of real estate, with the pressures of money, time crunches, expectations and personalities, dealing with customers and agents for brokers can seem like a room full of gasoline and everyone has a match. YIKES!  It can be so disruptive, even discouraging, when a deal blows up.  I suggest three simple thoughts to help us all.

First, expect problems to arise; don’t be surprised or shocked. Things always go wrong and that is why they need us…to solve problems.  Without problems, we would be out of a job!

Second, be the mature one in the room by taking a deep breath and going into a solution-seeking mode.  Someone needs to be a leader, why not you?

Third, develop and rely on a strong support circle that includes a strong technical lender, an experienced escrow or title person, a reliable home inspector, a jack-of-all-trades handyperson…people who are specialists in their area so you don’t have to be. Be the band leader of a problem-solving group that can, in most cases, save the day.

It starts with an awareness and attitude of leadership.  Be the broker or agent who is known for your servant heart, your calm demeanor, your “can do” spirit and your strong support group that brings calm solutions to ever present chaos.



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