You will succeed to the degree of your inhibitions and not one step further: Morris

Steve Morris, Founder & CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalSteve Morris, Founder & CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International will be addressing EXIT Realty Associates in exclusive closed-door sessions over the next few weeks in sessions coined Face Off.

Face Off is a three-hour training program designed to reduce and eliminate your restrictive and negative habit patterns including inhibitions, compulsions, obsessions as well as certain addictions.  Face Off deals with what it means to go from the unconditioned to the conditioned without pain in order to create habits and beliefs of absolute unlimited success and achievement in all walks of life. 

This material is tailored specifically for those who are fed up with being average, ordinary and moderate.  This is geared for those who want the very best of everything including an exceptional financial return on invested time, a total understanding of the strategic use of both time and energy as well as peace of mind.  Face Off is an experience of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, toned and calibrated specifically to remove mental and emotional clutter and to forge a path of absolute success, production and prosperity into your mind, heart and soul. 

If you’re with EXIT Realty and are interesting in attending, please contact: 

April 5th: Jacksonville FL, Jean Owens 904-683-5453

April 6th: Maitland FL, contact 407-539-3948

April 7th: Melbourne FL, contact Sue Nieroda 321-259-3990

April 12th: St. John’s NL, contact Denise O’Brien 709-576-6667

May 18th: Prince William VA, contact Jon Shaver 804-381-1819

May 19th: Chesapeake VA, contact Jon Shaver 804-381-1819


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