My life is blessed and has been for years because I choose it to be: Bob McKinnon

Bob McKinnon, EXIT Realty's Senior Regional Consultant

A commentary by EXIT Realty Corp. International Senior Regional Consultant, Bob McKinnon.

Back in the early 80’s, Jim Rohn was mentoring a young business manager and said, “Bob, what you become five years from now will be largely the result of the people you meet and the books you read.”  Jim went on to explain the importance of developing the habit of reading as well as the skills to be comfortable meeting and talking to people.   Jim also warned that this lesson works in both positive and negative directions of life.

Looking back on Jim’s advice 30 years ago, I diagramed my life and low and behold, at each major intersection of my life’s direction I had either met someone that exposed me to a compelling opportunity or I’d just learned something vital to my making a life changing decision.

Today I often talk to people who are in a rut or feel stale having been in the same dissatisfying place they have been for far too long.  I ask, “What are you reading, or where are you networking to meet different people?” Can you guess the most common answer? The August 2010 issue of Forbes Magazine revealed that the average American barely read a book a year while their Fortune 500® leaders averaged a book a week.  Imagine that.


In 2010 I had the privilege of both meeting and talking with several compelling authors. I then read their books. I met and heard Jeffrey Gitomer, my favorite sales author.  Listening to him, I could feel his passion.  Then reading his books on sales, trust, networking and relationships changed my basic view on selling any product for the better. Thank you Jeffery, you improved me.

Dr. Daniel Amen author of “Change You Brain, Change Your Body,” spoke in my town of Dallas. Listening to him and reading his book changed the way I look at my health. Thank you Dr. Amen, you improved me.

Dan Castro wrote, “Critical Choices that Changed Lives,” a profound piece of research into dozens of famous characters revealing life moments that changed everything and in most cases, it changed history itself.  Dan, a fellow Texan and I are developing a friendship that has already altered and enriched my life.  Thank you Dan, you are improving me.

Meeting and listening to Jon Gordon the author of “The Energy Bus” has changed my way of looking at organizational life and group motivation.  Jon’s book is a simple story with profound insight.  Thank you Jon, you have improved me.

I have just finished reading and studying Rhonda Byrne’s masterful sequel to “The Secret” called “The Power.”  Nothing since having read “The Shack” by William P. Young has changed my life’s perspective so.  Thank you Rhonda, you have improved me.

My work blesses me in that I get to attend and hear great speakers and authors.  I love to read at a pace of about three books a month.  My life is blessed in this way and has been for years because I choose it to be.  If you are not so blessed, go to your library or your bookstore today. Watch the Biography Channel instead of Dancing with the Stars.  Put your drive time to better use by filling the front seat of your car with books on CD.   Expose yourself to fascinating people and new ideas. Experience the difference.

Get out there into networking groups even as simple as your local chamber of commerce.  Meet new people. You never know, the next person you meet may very well change your life forever.   Your life will be richer for it.  Moreover, I can guarantee if you read and network more in this New Year something special will happen in your life.

Finally, please make sure that when this happens for you, you let me know because I care just as Jim Rohn cared for me.  Thank you Jim from the bottom of my heart, you improved my life.


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