Nasby: Almost 100% of the participants boast that the training is impacting all avenues of their lives

Bill Nasby, Vice President - Personal Development, EXIT Realty Corp. InternationalCommentary by Bill Nasby, Vice President, Personal Development – EXIT Realty Corp. International.

Aside from the fact that Performance Training is ‘green’ (there are no flights required to facilitate this training), and the cost is extremely affordable for the agents (less than the cost of a pizza a week), the most significant advantage with Performance Training is the retention level of the information we are teaching to our students!

I have been a platform speaker for almost 40 years and I am extremely dedicated to being effective, (getting results from my students), yet I know in my heart that by the time the students get to the parking lot 97% of what has been taught is already lost. The beauty of Performance Training is that every week for 12 weeks we ask questions, hold the agents accountable and with constant repetition the students are capturing more of the picture we are painting! It is very rewarding as a facilitator, as the majority of students are growing and their results have really begun to magnify in their production.

Recently we had a class complete the Performance Training where four people out of a class of seven are still prospecting and they have asked for more, returning for another 12 week round of classes. Roughly 80% of our clients start to prospect within the 12 week training. We have found that almost 100% of the participants boast that the training is impacting all avenues of their lives, making a difference in how they live in the world. This is ultimately why we teach this course — because it is making a huge difference in agents’ lives — and it is a thrill to be a part of this type of growth where people are recognizing their potential and overcoming the challenge of change! For more information, please visit Bill Nasby Productions

Tomorrow, Part II – "Our Office Production Tripled!"

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