First impressions start at the curb, which is why you should be courting potential home buyers from the moment they set their eyes on your home. The exterior sets the tone for the rest of the viewing so if brows are furrowing before buyers even enter your home, it’s time to act. With these three tips, you can bring new life to your home’s exterior and stand out in the neighborhood at low-cost.

Add color and style through accessories

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color and life is to plant greenery around the property. An assortment of plants in pots, porch containers, and window boxes in complementing colors for the season creates visual intrigue at varying heights around the perimeter of your home. Consult with a florist or landscaper so that you select arrangements that can withstand your local climate. Another way to add color and style is with a fresh doormat coordinated with the rest of your décor, helping to set the tone as the buyer transitions from the outside in. Replacing your lights with more illuminating bulbs and adding light fixtures along the walkway can help create a striking entrance if you anticipate viewings when the sun is setting. Lastly, a new set of bold, visible house numbers improves the look of your home while also saving homebuyers the hassle of repeatedly driving up and down the block searching for your home.

Give your home a shower and haircut

Dirt and neglected foliage can seriously impact your home’s first impression. A rented power washer can remove years of caked-on grime and revitalize the surface of your driveway, walkway, siding, gutters, windows, and porch. But when it comes to your roof however, many experts suggest you skip the pressure washer in favor of a soft wash using specially formulated cleaning products to remove dirt, moss, algae, and lichen, to help ensure your roof’s longevity. Once freshened up, you should address the rest of the greenery. Mowing your lawn, trimming overgrown shrubs, and treating any pesky weeds that may be growing on your lawn or between stones in your walkway creates a manicured look that buyers love.

To repair or replace?

Assess the condition of your driveway, walkway, banisters, window frames, front door, and roof for wear and tear that may need to be addressed. For example, hairline cracks in your driveway and walkway can be repaired using products from your local home improvement store. However, if the walkway has protruding stones caused by broken tiles or mortar, they should be promptly replaced as this can create a liability issue if someone trips and is injured while viewing your property. With your banisters, window frames, and front door, a combination of sanding, staining, and painting can make these surfaces look brand new. If there is rotting wood or significant structural damage, these pieces should be replaced. When it comes to the condition of your roof, you should work with your REALTOR® to determine the best course of action. Whether you need to repair or replace it to make a sale will depend on the condition of the roof and your local housing market.

We often pay so much attention to perfecting our home’s interior for potential home buyers, that we forget to stage the exterior. Improving curb appeal is a relatively low-cost solution that can put home buyers in the right frame of mind from the get go. With a few quick tricks, you can create an impression that leaves passersby saying, “I’ve got to see the rest of that house!”



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