EXIT Realty achieves major milestones paying out more than $100,000,000 in single-level residualsTami Bonnell, President of EXIT's US Operation

As of April, 2007, EXIT Realty has achieved the milestones of over 1,100 franchises sold, 35,000 agents recruited and has paid out over $100,000,000 in single-level residuals.  Residual income is making a significant difference in the lives of EXIT agents and their families. 

According to Tami Bonnell, President of EXIT’s US operation, “Our people have always been the magic in this organization and seeing what they have done with the residual income has reached far beyond buying new cards, second homes, boats or any and every luxury one can think of.  Our people have used their residuals to put their children and grandchildren through private school and collage as well as provide several other opportunities to their families they would not have without EXIT’s residual income.” 

Bonnell goes on to say, “Our agents, brokers and regional owners have even taken their residuals out to their communities, starting trust funds, charities, grants and scholarships, helping other individuals and families get a fresh start or a leg up.”



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