One of the most popular events at EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Annual Convention is the afternoon of breakout sessions where top peer experts lead concurrent sessions on a variety of topics ranging from self-improvement to growth and development to technology and more.  This year, acclaimed chiropractor and contributor to EXIT Realty’s Focus on Good Health blog, Dr. Gregg Baron, is back by popular demand and will be joined by some of EXIT’s own experts.

Building a B Quadrant Brokerage

Jeramie Taber, Franchisee, EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates, Tennessee
What is a B Quadrant Brokerage? An office that does 3 things; has highly functioning systems, produces an extremely high level of profitability, and runs without you present. Jeramie will walk you through the strategies he used to help build his business to become EXIT’s largest grossing offices in the U.S. (single) for 3 years in a row.

Hunter and Skinner Mentality: Why You Need Both to Build Your Business

Kathy Dooley, Regional Owner, EXIT Realty of Mississippi

Any business endeavor needs both building and stabilizing components to grow. Join Kathy as she discusses the skills necessary to continually acquire new business, and the importance of implementing systems and being present for stability. Whether you are a broker looking to recruit agents, or an agent trying to build your pipeline, this session is for you!

Stop Selling, Start Listening

Steve Yoston, Franchisee, EXIT Realty P.E.I.

Learn how Steve was able to become the number one agent in his province. Steve will share his systems and strategies for developing a business that generates over 75% of his production from past clients. Steve simplified his business and his life when he stopped selling, and started listening.

Stop the Money Drain

Laya Gavin, Franchisee, EXIT Realty Sun City, Arizona

Many real estate agents are living commission-check-to-commission-check. Go from frustration to freedom regarding your money. Learn the no-fail strategies to improve any financial situation and stop the money drain.

The Life Cycle of a Lead

John Lim, Director Innovation and Technology, EXIT Realty Corp. International

A deep dive into lead generation, follow-up, and conversion. Your pipeline is your business lifeline. In this session John will explore the full lead life cycle as well as strategies you can employ today to improve your business such as where to generate leads, the importance of speed-to-lead, and what happens next. Learn how to cultivate your lead pool and how to maximize conversion.

How to Be #1 In Your Marketplace

Bill Pankonin, Regional Owner, EXIT Realty Upper Midwest

Learn the keys for success to becoming #1 in your market and the many tools available at your fingertips to take your business to the next level. Listen in as Bill reviews the various on-line and off-line options, and outlines goals for your business to set in place.

Living the D.R.E.A.M.

Dr. Gregg Baron, M.S. D.C., Chiropractor, Wellness Coach, Author

We invite you to attend this amazing session and discover the emerging trends in wealth and wellness. The DREAM of a more profitable and fulfilling business – and life – now becomes a reality.  Lay the groundwork for your personal and professional health and wellness by living the DREAM every day. Dr. Baron shares the refinements necessary to shift your body and your business from defense to offense so you are in sync with today’s consumers. The session is 50 minutes long, but its impact will last forever!

Out-of-the-Box Branding

AJ Plant, Regional Owner, EXIT Realty Eastern Ontario

You can always count on AJ to come up with new and exciting ideas on how to grow the real estate entrepreneur inside of you. Learn from the master of creative advertising how to stand out from, and stay ahead of, your competition. You’ll learn how to brand yourself to the outside world, as well as within your sphere of influence.

Sponsoring Is Everything

Gene McGuire & Russell McGuire, Franchisees, EXIT Realty of Lubbock, Texas

Whether you are an EXIT broker or an agent, sponsoring is an incredible opportunity. In order to successfully sponsor, you must be able to clearly communicate EXIT’s value proposition. In this session, Gene and Russell share their value proposition and how it is communicated for maximum results.

The company’s 20th Anniversary Celebration will also be held at this year’s Convention t0 be held from October 18th to 21st at Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas.  EXIT Realty Associates can register on the Resource Center.




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