EXIT Realty’s Conference Calls Benefit Its Real Estate AssociatesEXIT Realty’s dedication to building the best, top-producing agents and offices in the industry has created a following of over 43,000 associates nation-wide. With such a far-reaching network, the task of dispersing EXIT’s prime mentoring, training and coaching directives to each and every office is vital.
The method: a strategic system that employs a comprehensive schedule of conference calls, which foster a group dynamic for learning and the sharing of ideas in a synergistic atmosphere. And no matter what your career path with EXIT Realty, there is a conference call geared for you.
The monthly Administrator Call covers such relevant topics as EXIT’s secretarial bonuses, 1099’s and year-end accounting reporting just to name a few, and if you’re a sales representative, EXIT Realty holds a monthly Agent Call, which doubles as an opportunity for agents to invite potential recruits to listen in and learn more about the company.
Similar to the Administrator and Agent calls, EXIT Realty also offers separate monthly Broker and Regional Calls as well.
With the unique EXIT Formula, abundant resources and all of the software programs available to associates, EXIT’s conference call system also transforms into a live training environment, where users can learn in a practical, hands-on setting.
Spear-headed by EXIT’s Franchise Support team, Administrators can receive training for EXIT’s Formula and Mandatory Forms, technical resources, the EXIT Resource Center, MEMO: EXIT’s proprietary software as well as EXIT’s Choice Accounting. Every call differs in length, and sometimes encompasses more than one session depending on material needing to be covered.
Becoming a part of EXIT Realty means joining the on-going commitment to creating the most highly trained and skilled professionals in real estate.


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