Among the most popular sessions at EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Annual Convention are the interesting and informative breakouts.  Presented by experts in their fields and ranging in topics from technology to commercial real estate to overcoming limiting beliefs and beyond, the 2018 lineup offers something for everyone.

Winning Internet Customer Loyalty

Frederick Herot, Vice President, Marketing –

Nick Libert, Franchisee – EXIT Strategy Realty, IL

Nick Libert watched his real estate business grow to over 1,000 transactions in 16 years by making shrewd choices based on real data. In an interesting and thought-provoking interview, Nick will share with Frederick Herot of how he evaluated his marketing and communication, honed in on the key factors which attracted online consumers, and the systems he implemented to increase customer engagement. Learn what you can do – and what not to do – to maintain customer loyalty.

Upgrade Your Business with EXIT Promo Shop

Amanda Medek, Strategic Partnerships Manager – EXIT Promo Shop by Market Leader

Learn proven tips and tools to nurture clients and convert more prospects with the newly upgraded EXIT Promo Shop. If you’re an existing EXIT Promo Shop user, come and see the radically redesigned interface and new features. If you’ve never used EXIT Promo Shop before, now is your chance to see why so many EXIT Associates use this product for their marketing needs.

Make the Mission of Home Ownership Possible

Jason Jeffries, Sr. Affordable Lending Manager – Freddie Mac

Are you developing your business to meet the needs of the borrower of the future? Jason will share information and innovative strategies to help you meet your customers’ needs and earn more in the coming years.

How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

Matthew Barbaccia, Franchisee – EXIT Realty Private Client, NY

Have you considered delving into commercial real estate? This session, for agents and broker/owners, will outline the benefits of adding this specialty to your skill set as a salesperson, and show you how you can attract and develop commercial agents in your brokerage.

Becoming Social Media Savvy

Jessie Yerxa, Sales Representative – EXIT Realty Advantage, NB

You have a social media account, but now what? Learn how to identify your brand, engage your consumers, and grow your business through online presence. Jessie has a significant social following due to her fun and engaging social media content, which includes photos, videos (which regularly garner thousands of views), as well as her charitable efforts. Jessie is the opposite of a Secret Agent!

Facebook Ingenuity

Scott Grace, Franchisee – EXIT Real Estate Professionals, NS

Facebook lead ads are a game changer! This is not simply boosting a post. Scott demonstrates step-by-step how to set up your Facebook lead ad including how to load email addresses into Facebook for hyper-targeting which is useful for recruiting/sponsoring and also how to target demographics such as age, occupation and even people who have recently been shopping for mortgage loans or real estate. This simple and cost-effective method to capture leads will inspire you to give Facebook lead ads a try. Whether you are a broker trying to recruit, an agent trying to sponsor or simply want to dramatically increase your sales, this session contains the information you need.

Turn Off Your Head and Talk to Your Heart

Erica Nasby, EXIT Realty MIND-SET Trainer

Learn how to connect on a deeper level with your own desires and bypass the negative limiting beliefs in your head that hold you in patterns that no longer serve you. Learn to listen to your body’s cues and discover a guidance system to which everyone has access but of which we are mostly unaware.

Creating a Million Dollar Business

Maggie Tessier, Franchisee – EXIT Realty Matrix, ON

Multiple award-winner, Maggie Tessier, earned over a million dollars a year in gross closed commissions for seven consecutive years. In this session, Maggie shares what to focus on and do at each level of production so you can level up. No matter what your current income, these strategies can help you get to the level you want to achieve. Her simple, effective and easy-to-follow action steps will empower you to grow from good to great to exceptional!

Solutions to the Top 5 Reasons Agents Struggle

J’aime Nowak, Director of Corporate Development – Buffini & Company

J’aime shares a powerful system and gives you the tools you need to achieve at the very highest level in your business and your life. You’ll learn the top 5 reasons agents struggle and how to overcome those challenges. You’ll also discover how to create advocates for your business that will help you grow and prosper. J’aime also reveals the 3 keys to high performance. This session is packed with tips and tools that can make an immediate impact on your business.

The Advantages of Membership

John Lim and Samantha Morris, Director of Innovation & Technology/Marketing Project Manager – EXIT Realty Corp. International

Join EXIT’s digital marketing experts John Lim and Samantha Morris and explore all the benefits available to you as part of the EXIT Nation. This session will walk you through the art and science behind our technology. This is not your everyday ‘how to USE’ session – John and Samantha will share strategies for ‘how to WIN’ by effectively leveraging our tools to brand and market yourself and gain and maintain an advantage over the competition.

Mastering Hyperlinks

Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist – Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC

The mortar that makes the internet is created by mixing words with hyperlinks – that’s it! Without links, there is no SEO, no social media, no algorithms, no lead generation; literally no internet. Yet many real estate professionals have yet to master their usage or understanding of the various flavors of hyperlinks, and most importantly, how to infuse them into their marketing efforts. This session reveals links for what they are and provides two strategies to help you with your long-term digital visibility.

Own Your Area

Mike Murdock, Franchisee – EXIT Realty Pro, TX

Regardless of the size of your city or town, every real estate professional has a small town; the niche or market area where you focus your efforts. This session will provide insight and practical strategies to create a big business in your small town.

Held from October 16th to 19th, the 2018 EXIT Realty Corp. International Annual Convention is the must-see event of the year. EXIT Realty Associates can register in the Resource Center.


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