Homeownership means investing in your family, your community and your future

asdIt’s easy to line up experts on both sides of the fence to argue the pros and cons of buying real estate as a sound financial investment.  Undoubtedly earning a good return on your money is an important factor when considering homeownership but as with most things in life, money isn’t the only, or some would argue, the main reason to buy a home.

If you have a family, their well-being is paramount.  If you own your home, you can control the environment in which you raise your children.  You can determine the school they attend, whether they ride their bikes on the sidewalk or enjoy the energy of a city close to museums and galleries.  You can decorate their room in pink feathers or race cars without having to check with your landlord.  You can tuck them into bed at night knowing you are creating memories they will cherish for a lifetime.   

With home ownership comes a sense of belonging, of permanence.  You can plant a tree and watch it grow big enough to pick the fruit.  You can take pride in being part of a community where your neighbors mow their lawns and tend their flower beds and wave hello. 

To buy a home isn’t just a financial decision; it’s an emotional one.  By owning your own home you carve out your little place in the world – a place where you can know the bliss of closing the front door behind you and kicking off your shoes at the end of a tough day.  It’s investing in your family, your community and your future. 

And that’s the best investment you can make.  


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