EXIT Realty is the Secret to Absolute Success for Real Estate Agents

The magnetism of single-level residuals is pulling real estate salespeople into EXIT right across the entire North American continent at record speed. It’s obvious to anyone and everyone who has ever examined the EXIT Formula with any relevant scrutiny whatsoever that this methodology is beyond question the finest system in the entire industry. It’s simply irresistible.

Most weeks at EXIT result in more than 300 new sales associates being added to the roster and this will top out at over 50,000 recruited by the closing months of this year. The mix of those joining our forces includes experienced professionals that produce top dollar returns. They flow into EXIT like an unending river. The appeal is undeniable.

The champions in this industry have come to the conclusion that straight splits, desk fees, deal fees and multi-level marketing systems simply do not provide the leverage they need to guarantee constantly increasing, positive cash flow, open-ended and enhanceable retirement benefits, healthcare and beneficiary benefits. This is accomplished only at EXIT.

“Why work for a company that is indifferent to your future and your family?” has become the rant of the real estate practitioners right across the country. This question is appropriate, pertinent and persistent and it rings home in the hearts, minds and souls of those full-time career agents who care enough about themselves and their families to ask it. Previous to EXIT Realty, the corporations in this business simply couldn’t care less about a REALTOR’s® family. Nobody bothered to instigate retirement, beneficiary, health care or residuals benefits. They simply remained negligent.

Well the point of the matter is – that’s simply not good enough. Not now…not ever! There are real estate companies so big in this industry that they are considered to be Moguls by comparison to all the rest and they are rich beyond belief. Everyone knows who they are. With this being the case, you can count on one thing for sure; only “the main man”, “the king pin”, or the supreme dictator at the very top will ever be referred to as a millionaire or a billionaire. Nobody else gets rich, only him, or in some cases them.

Their system is not geared for maximized returns on invested time, energy and effort for their salespeople whatsoever. They have to rely on being only as good as their last transaction. The agents are considered dispensable. And to think, this has gone on this way for decades.

Now for the first time ever, a new dawning has transpired to revolutionize real estate. EXIT Realty is real estate re-invented, re-tooled and totally rejuvenated. With over 1,100 franchises sold coast-to-coast, and 400 more opening this year, this company is exploding in unparalleled growth.

EXIT has paid out over $100 million in single-level residuals on top of our associates’ commissions. That’s right, over $100,000,000 as a special thank you for helping to build and stabilize EXIT since the year 2000. That results in $70,000,000 in potential retirement benefits and $50,000,000 in beneficiary benefits. What a phenomenon.

At EXIT, it’s all about the health, welfare, security and future of our real estate salespeople. Let’s face facts: they do generate all the front line money that pays all the bills, and produces all the profits for the broker. They are the only real source of revenue coming into the corporation. Without them, we have nothing. At EXIT, our salespeople are the true assets of the company and our reward system is geared accordingly. They can earn more than 100%, pay no desk fees and create a financial future far superior to any other system in the entire industry.

The flat out fact of the matter is this; EXIT is the finest and best real estate organization in the world hands down. No competitor can even come close and they all know it. EXIT is the unanimous choice of those in the know. This being true, EXIT is now progressively realizing its ultimate corporate mission of becoming the very biggest, most successful and profitable organization in the real estate industry. Our people are making this so. They are the ones who are destined to live in absolute abundance as a result of this great company.

Each one is “paying it forward.” They all have a vested interest in the growth of each other. This generates true horsepower at its finest, maximized individual effort, combined with a totally integrated “money multiplier” known as single-level residuals. The idea was an epiphany, the mechanism is a phenomenon and the results are incredible.

You owe it to yourself to be part of this real estate movement called EXIT. Examine it, study it and learn how truly wonderful this business can be. You owe it to your family, your future and all that you personally stand for to get the very best return on your invested time. The answer to this is in EXIT. It’s the “secret” to your absolute success.

Steve Morris
Founder & CEO


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